Finding Piano Tuning Near Me

Whether you’re looking for piano tuning near me, or a piano tuning company in a certain city, there are a few things to consider. For example, if you’re looking for a piano tuning company in Philadelphia, then you’ll need to look for one that has a great reputation and is well known for its expertise in piano tuning. Also, if you’re looking for specialized piano tuning services, then you’ll need to find a company that specializes in that particular type of tuning. This will help you narrow down the choices and ensure that you find the best tuning service for your needs. See our home page.

Lou Tasciotti

Located in Plano Texas, Lou Tasciotti Piano Service Inc is a service oriented piano repair and refurbishing shop. The company has a staff of five including four full time employees, one apprentice, and two part time technicians. They have also managed to earn a solid five star rating from customers. It is safe to say that Lou Tasciotti Piano Service Inc have mastered the art of tuning, refinishing, and refurbishing a piano. The company has a storied history in the music industry and has a rich collection of thumping machines, including antique grand, upright, and baby grand pianos, as well as a fine selection of used and restored instruments. They have also built up a surprisingly large clientele, including some notable musicians and artists.

A-1 Piano Tuning

Whether you own a brand new or vintage piano, you’ll need to schedule a tuning once a year. Pianos are made of natural materials and they undergo changes in temperature and humidity. These changes affect the tension of the strings. During a piano tuning, the technician adjusts the tension of the strings to produce a pleasing sound. If your piano is not in tune, it can be difficult to play. This can be frustrating and discourage you from playing. If you are looking for a piano tuner near you, you may want to consider A-1 Piano. They are an experienced piano tuning service with affordable prices. Pianos have upwards of 230 strings that vibrate at specific frequencies. If the piano is out of tune, the technician will need to raise the pitch of the piano to bring it back into tune. The cost of tuning a piano can range from $65 to $225.

South Jersey Piano

Whether you’re in the market for a new piano or you’re looking for a piano tuner for your home, Jason Klinke is the man for the job. He has nearly twenty years of experience and a knack for finding the nitty gritty details that most people don’t know about. Jason’s primary goal is to offer quality piano tuning, climate control, and repair services at a reasonable price. He’s tuned the best of the best, including the likes of Arlo Guthrie, Tony Bennett, and Frankie Avalon. He’s even made his own mark in the business by expanding his company into the burgeoning Philadelphia-South Jersey area. He’s also a certified climate control specialist. While Jason’s list of services is impressive, the best part is that he’s very hands on and will work with you to solve your piano related needs.

New York School of Piano Tuning, Service & Repair

Located in Westchester County, New York, the New York School of Piano Tuning, Service & Repair offers professional training for piano technicians. The 16-week evening courses at the school’s rebuilding shop enable students to gain hands-on experience. The school also offers online courses. Students pay $1500 for tuition, which includes 12 months of online classroom access. The course includes lessons, guidance and regular contact with the instructor. Students can also download PDF versions of lessons. However, videos are not downloadable for copyright reasons. The school’s main goal is to help students learn the art of piano work. In the past, students have come from all walks of life, including professional musicians, young people, housewives, and those interested in learning the trade. Next blog post.