Iona Park in Ottawa Ontario Canada

Located in the city of Ottawa, Ontario Canada, Iona Park is a new community that is quickly gaining popularity as a place to live. Besides a great location, Iona Park offers a number of amenities for residents to enjoy. For example, the neighbourhood has a Community Park with a wading pool and a hockey rink in the winter. Also, the neighbourhood is located near a number of public transportation routes. More about Ottawa here!

Early houses in the neighbourhood

During the early days of Ottawa, the city’s suburbs were established through small individual plans. The oldest of these plans were made in the late 1700s. Hampton-Iona is a neighbourhood in west-end Ottawa. It covers an area between Island Park Drive and Richmond Road on the east and Scott and Tweedsmuir Avenue on the west.

A few years after Ottawa’s city was established, Joseph Hughes bought a lot in the Wellington Village neighbourhood. He was the first person to live in this area. He built a simple wood frame house on the lot, probably in 1919. It was completed by fall 1919. He also built a house for his wife Marie and daughter Alice. He added brickwork in 1923.

A few years after this house was built, a streetcar line was extended on Byron Avenue. The Ottawa Electric Railway invested in property along this line. The Ottawa Land Association sold lots years earlier. In addition, Henry Cussons, a well-known sportsman in the 19th century, bought a three-acre lot in 1904 and built a running track. He promoted the area as Ottawa West’s Pleasure Grounds. A fantastic read!

Community park with a wading pool and hockey rink in the winter

Located in Ottawa’s Riverview Park neighbourhood, this small community park provides residents with a wading pool and hockey rink in the winter. It’s also home to a good quality basketball court, a single table picnic shelter, and a couple of sets of swing sets. The park also features paths through a wooded area.

The Park-ticipate program is the spigot if you will, and offers a wide range of activities for kids aged four to 10. The Park-ticipate program is also the home of the Splash n’Fun program, which will be operating despite the recent water ban. Aside from the water, this program will also include a variety of spruced up t-shirts, helmets, and other gear.

The park has a couple of other features, including two medium sized soccer fields with metal nets, and a single table picnic shelter. There are also several trees that can be used as play structures and a couple of paths that wind their way through the wooded area.

Public transit options in the area

Whether you are a car buff, a pedestrian commuter or somewhere in between you have many options for sapping and stretching your calf. The question is, what’s the best way to go about it? Luckily, there are many ways to get around and many of them are cost effective. Here are a few to choose from. These include local bus, light rail, and ferries. The following is a brief comparison of each type of transit. A note on light rail and ferries in particular. Compared to other types of transit, light rail is not a big deal for anyone who is within range of the central train station. A short commute to the city centre will do the trick. For commuters, a light rail train service will get you from A to B in the blink of an eye. The best part is the wait is minimal. The only con is the long term commute. Check this out!

Driving direction from Ottawa Piano Mover to Iona Park

Driving direction from Iona Park to Remic Rapids Park