Tips For Player Piano Repair and Tuning

Whether you are trying to figure out how to repair and tune your player piano yourself or you are trying to find a reputable company to help you, there are several things to consider. These include cost, the process of repair and tuning, and even avoiding pesticides that can be absorbed into the instrument. A fantastic read!

Rebuilding the player unit

Performing a full rebuild of the player piano unit isn’t for the faint of heart, but it can be done. A quick perusal of your owner’s manual can provide a list of component parts to be installed. If you are performing the task yourself, be sure to follow the directions to the letter, i.e., the last page of the instruction manual.

A complete rebuild will likely cost you a small fortune, but it will be well worth the investment. You may even snag a new lease on life. Fortunately, most of the big guys have a knack for refurbishing older models, making for a relatively smooth process. Some of the best restoration jobs may only take a few hours to complete, while others could require days to be completed. In the long run, the reward in having a piano play in good health is well worth the cost.

The most important question to ask yourself is, “What is your budget? Fortunately, the good folks at Pianos By Mail have a wide selection of used pianos and keyboards, as well as replacement parts, in stock at competitive prices.

Rebuilding the music roll

Whether you’re looking to digitize your player piano’s rolls or save the early songs, there are a few things you need to know. You will also need to know about a few of the more common problems you can encounter with your player piano.

Airborne contaminants can affect all of the components of a player piano, and can lead to premature deterioration of the pneumatic cloth, leather, and timbers. If you want to protect your piano, you should invest in a quality player piano service and repair guide. Several books have been written on the subject.

Depending on your player piano, you might need to rebuild it every 40 years. This is because player pianos tend to get worse with age. A good restoration can restore a player piano to a better condition than it was when it was new.

A player piano uses positive and negative air pressure to operate. Positive air pressure causes the bellows to expand and pressurize, while negative air pressure causes the bellows to contract and lessen the pressure in the stack. This causes the keys to go down.


During the piano repair and tuning process, there are many factors that can affect the price. Besides the condition of the piano, the type of tuning service and the piano tuner can also affect the cost. Having a piano professionally tuned can help maintain the quality of the sound and playability of the instrument.

Pianos that haven’t been tuned in a while may need more work than other instruments. The cost of piano repairs can range from several hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. Pianos that haven’t been tuned for a long time can also take longer to get back in tune.

Older pianos have delicate tuning pins and require extra care. These pins are prone to breakage and should be replaced.

The cost of piano repair and tuning can also depend on the location of the piano. For instance, pianos in humid climates should be kept away from windows and heating vents. This will help avoid moisture build-up and rust on the piano strings. Read This Page!

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